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Our Mission is to uplift and inspire women to embrace and love the body they are in while providing a workout that elevates their confidence; strengthening their bodies both mentally and physically.







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Juliet Good

Juliet Good


Juliet was born and raised in Florida with her two siblings. She had a passion for dance from a very young age, resulting in years of Classical Russian ballet training and ultimately ending in an apprenticeship with the Sarasota Ballet Company.

When Juliet moved to NC to attend college at Appalachian State University she became a member of the A.S.U. Dance Team and remained on it during all four years of college. In her senior year she decided to try out for the Carolina Panthers Cheerleading Team (the Topcats) and made it! She was a proud member of the Topcats for 3 full season.

Although her professional dance career subsided at that point she continued to enjoy her passion as a hobby with many different class types. One of those happened to a Pole class. After her very first class she was HOOKED and knew it was something she wanted to continue. She finds the workout intense, challenging, and empowering to women which is why she wants to share the art with the women of Hickory! Juliet is currently a certified Pole Instructor with the Pole Fitness Alliance Organization.

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Instructor Brittany Rose

Brittany Rose


Brittany grew up in Hudson, NC after moving from West Virginia. She has had a passion for dancing her entire life and anyone who knows Brittany, knows this. Although she loves twerking and dancing silly, she particularly enjoys sensual movements and specializes in pole tricks that require extreme flexibility. Despite Brittany’s hesitation to participate in the ‘pole’ aspect of Elevate Hickory, under the assumption she wouldn’t be strong enough, she has been practicing pole for 1.5 years and loves the strength it has built, the confidence gained and the empowerment felt by both pole and dance.

Brittany is Pole Fitness Alliance certified and when she isn’t at Elevate Hickory teaching Sexy Chair and Pole, Brittany’s two sons, ages 10 and 15, keep her on her toes.

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Merritt Hall Instructor



Merritt was born and raised here in North Carolina and while dance was never part of her childhood, Merritt found her passion for it here at Elevate! What started out as “a few classes to support her friends” turned into what she hopes to be a lifelong hobby. She started as a member here at Elevate when the doors opened and has been an instructor since February 2023.

Merritt is a certified pole Instructor with Pole Fitness Alliance and loves teaching just as much as she enjoys still being a student! Pole fitness has encouraged Merritt to find a new confidence and love for herself and she hopes she can encourage other women to find the same!

In her free time Merritt enjoys spending time with her husband and son.

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Alice Sinclaire Instructor



After a failed attempt at launching an acting career in Los Angeles, Alice first touched chrome in 2018, when her dream of being on stage became a necessity. Doing what many deem unthinkable, she made the decision to create her own role by dancing in Gentlemen’s Clubs throughout the East Coast in order to make ends meet.

“In the beginning, I knew absolutely nothing. I’m stubborn and despise doing anything mediocre, so I devoted myself to training and practicing. Falling in love with dancing wasn’t part of the plan, but I’m so happy it happened. I’ve never felt more at home than when I am spinning around in the air.”

Now a successful adult entertainer, Alice wishes to share her love and knowledge of pole with those whom show commitment, determination, and spirit. Using pole as a source of healing and growth, it is something she believes all people deserve to experience.

Her specialty lies in performative pole dancing, which includes stunning combinations and crowd pleasing aerial tricks. Tangibly breaking down the ‘DNA’ of pole anatomy and shapes before guiding students through their milestones are two things she takes pride in.

Alice wants everyone to know her cat, Dinah, is her soulmate and that one day she will have a house painted entirely pink.

Instructor Sarah



Sarah grew up in Chapel Hill and started dancing at a young age. She went off to Stanford for college and was a member of Cardinal Ballet Company, meanwhile taking classes in ballet, modern, and hip hop. Later while studying to become a Physical Therapist, Sarah was a member of Dance Lab adult performance company in Charleston. There, she was able to train in new styles such as contemporary and sassy/sexy hip hop and jazz.

After graduate school, Sarah moved to New Orleans, where she was introduced to bounce, twerk, pro-style dance; she danced in Mardi Gras parades and with Artivism Dance Theater until Covid hit. With everything shut down, Sarah decided to do some travel work and eventually ended up settling in Hickory, NC. Over the last couple years, she has continued to dance in Charlotte and was a member of Pro Force Cheer team. Currently, Sarah teaches “Art of Seduction” at Elevate and she is so excited to share her blended style with the ladies of Hickory!


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